I have a friend who has a bit of a gym phobia, but loves getting a good sweat on in a class or on a run.  To this day, she still doesn’t have a gym membership and is in great shape.  So a few years ago she told me about a Beyonce Video workshop at Frame,  and I definitely had to check it out. I took one of my friends along with me and we had an amazing time. It was so much fun, and even though it was an 1 hour and 30 minute class we didn’t feel like we had been working out! I figured doing these type of one off classes without a membership is a great way to meet up with friends, especially if it involves brunch afterwards, and a great way to keep your workouts varied. So my next date with my friend was a Psycle spin class followed by a smoothie which we pre-ordered when we arrived at the studio and brunch at The Breakfast Club. I’m not a huge spin fan, and I always hear people say, that you get used to it after 3-4 classes, but boy was it painful! It was a gruelling 45 minutes class with some upper body work towards the end. I’ve not been back since, but the energy in the room was amazing and the instructor was really motivating! Anyways, as someone who loves the gym, I can get myself there 5 times a week without a problem, but doing these classes made me realise that you can get really fit and healthy without a gym membership! Check out my top 5!
1. Park Run
Image credit: @parkrunuk
I’m not a big runner, but I wish I was. My husband is though, he could actually run for hours and has regularly done half marathons on his own on Saturday mornings. He has recently taken up doing park runs, as he enjoys the community aspect of it and the fact that it is free! Check out http://www.parkrun.org.uk/ to see where your closest park run is as they are all over the country!
2. Psycle class
Image credit: @psyclelondon
Love spin class? Or heard amazing things about it and really want to try it? Then head to your nearest Psycle studio and get booked into a class. Our version of America’s Soul Cycle, Psycle is in a studio that’s dark, funky, run by amazing instructors and with even more amazing music. Just when you think that you cannot go any more, you learn to push through and a recovery is on on the way. Each class will have a different focus and each instructor their own style, but one things is for sure, you will leave on a crazy endorphin high! Don’t forget to order your post workout shake before class!
3. popsugar fitness channel
Don’t have access to the gym? Or don’t like going to a gym? Well PopSugar Fitness will be right up your street if you like sweaty and varied workouts that are done in real time. Their library of classes is so vast that you can find something for every mood to do in the comfort of your home. When I don’t have time to get to the gym, I usually do one of their workouts if I don’t want to have to think about what to do. They are brought to you by different trainers and cover all areas of fitness such as Yoga, Pilates and boxing. No need for a gym membership! One of my favourite workouts is this one by Jeanette Jenkins!
4. nike training club app
Image credit: @niketraining
Before I was able to watch Youtube on my TV for workouts, the Nike Training App was my best friend! I have used this app for years and have used it in the gym as well as my living room. The app is great as it is FREE and has an amazing selection of workouts. You can filter on whether you want a workout with or without equipment, the type of workout and the length of your workout. The app guides you through the entire workout, counting reps and work/rest periods and it stores all the workouts you have done so you can keep a log.
5. Frame classes
Image credit: @moveyourframe
If you live in London and have never heard of Frame, then I don’t know how you’ve been living! My intro to Frame as I said was the Beyonce Dance class. then I attended classes through my pregnancy and post pregnancy. They cater to everyone!!! I even taught some post natal classes there myself because I love what they are doing for women who have had babies and are looking to work out! If you’re into weight training, go to their Lift class, if you want a lunch time quickie session, they have plenty ranging from rowing, to Ass n Abs to Kettlebells. They do Yoga, Pilates, Boxfit, Barre…The list goes on! Go their website now to book your next workout! You won’t regret it! So there you have it, some great ways to exercise if you have gym phobia. The list is by no means exhaustive and I would love to hear about your out-of-gym fitness experiences!

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